‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Spoilers, News And Updates: Series To Be Dominated By All-Female Directors

"Jessica Jones" Season 2 will have all-women directors behind the cameras. This was revealed by Melissa Rosenberg, producer of the show at the conference called "Transforming Hollywood 7: Diversifying Entertainment." The event was held at the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communications and Journalism.

Producers Placed An Emphasis On Women Directors

A report from Variety indicated that the show's producers have placed an emphasis on using female directors, "but then someone else involved in the production didn't specify who - floated the idea of booking only women as directors." That someone seems to point to Rosenberg.

But Rosenberg didn't disclose any details regarding "Jessica Jones" Season 2, other than the show is still scheduled to go into production by next year with a probable release date on 2018. This is good news to female directors since there is an incredible gender imbalance experienced in the last few years on Hollywood productions. The decision of Rosenberg, as well as the others who support this move, emphasizes the need to balance out the numbers.

The First Season Is Female-Centric

In the first season of "Jessica Jones," the show was a female-centric and feminist answer to the mostly male-dominated superhero movies and TV series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The show focused on the unusual heroine and recounted stories of post-traumatic stress and sexual assault in a truthful and honest way.

Continuing with that trend and even making the concept bolder, Rosenberg has decided on only fielding women directors to handle all the episodes of "Jessica Jones" Season 2. This is a first in Marvel's history. She stated this movie is "a conscious decision, and it's very important that show-runners do that."

In a related development, another producer, Ava CuVernay of the TV series "Queen Star," also decided that she will only hire female directors for the show. Additionally, the forthcoming "Captain Marvel" movie will probably be the first movie of the franchise that will be directed by a woman.

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