Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ New Leak Shows How It Might Measure Up To Apple iPhone

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus won't be announced until its release date on March 29. However, thanks to plenty of rumored specs and leaked images, it feels like the flagship devices are currently in stores. Today, a new leak of the Galaxy S8 shows how it might measure up to Apple iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy S8 And S8+ New Leak Shows Its Measure

The Samsung Galaxy S6 was the first-ever smartphone from the Korean tech giant that featured a premium design to boast its design, display, performance, as well as its price tag. Earlier than that, Samsung had been making smartphones made up of thin plastics that looked cheaper compared to other premium smartphones such as Apple's iPhone. The Samsung Galaxy S7 further improved the Galaxy S6 design, but the upcoming Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are said to be taking things to a whole new level.

There are many people who consider the size of a smartphone when buying a new one. According to BGR, Samsung Galaxy S8 sports a striking new design that removes the old oblong home button located beneath the screen. The firm also removed the ear speaker as well as the sensors closer together above the screen of the smartphone.

Because of this shrinking method, Samsung was able to shorten the size of the bezels around the Galaxy S8. Today, a new leak was posted to Slashleaks and it shows how the sizes of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus compare to other phones. 

As reported by CNET, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has managed to compress a 5.8-inch display into the smartphone. That is approximately the same width and just a little bit taller compared to the Apple iPhone 7, which has 4.7-inch tiny screen. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is almost the same size as the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. The larger Samsung phone features a massive of a 6.2-inch display while the iPhone 7 Plus measured 5.5-inch screen.


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