Volkswagen’s Self-Driven Car Unveiled as Sedric

Volkswagen has unveiled its future concept self-driven car. The car is to be called Sedric. The concept car has been unveiled at the recent Geneva Motor Show.

Volkswagen's self-driven concept car is called Sedric, which is short for SElf-DRIving Car. Sedric is the first car designed by Volkswagen to be fully autonomous, or self-driven. The car is designed with new electric technologies in mind.

The concept car is open to possibilities of being redesigned to add comfort into it. Sedric has a box shape. It has no hood or shoulders. Its interior has much leg room, as shown in the concept car presented by Volkswagen.

For power, the concept car has a compact electric motor which is located at the level of its wheels. It would be powered by a flat battery pack which would be placed between the axles. The Sedric concept car won't have any steering wheel at all.

In order for the car to move, a digital voice-based assistant is used to move the car towards its destination. The car is said to be for all ages as well as all abilities, so even physically-challenged people can use it with ease. Volkswagen as said that mobility would be for everyone, according to de zeen.

The car doesn't have the familiar VW badge on it, as it has been designed by the Volkswagen Group. The design and concept have been made by Volkswagen Group's Future Car Europe and Volkswagen Group Research, as ars technica reports. The car could be used in a number of ways as well.

For its use, Sedric could be used to take children to school. The car could also take people to work, and then have it remotely controlled for parking. The car can be programmed as well to take people to shopping or else fetch people from different locations.

So far Volkswagen has only shared the most basic information regarding Sedric. There is still much time for development of the car. Johann Jungwirth, chief digital officer of Volkswagen, has said that Volkswagen would be a leading mobility provider by 2025. The company plans to have 20 more electric vehicles by 2020.

Self-driven cars are being seen to be the future of the automotive industry. Volkswagen's self-driven car has been unveiled as Sedric. A study shows that the human brain is more active than previously thought.

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