‘One Piece' Spoilers: Does Big Mom Know About Luffy And Bege's Alliance? Anime's Supernova Arc Airs On March 19

The latest chapter of “One Piece” manga has revealed that Luffy and Bege have decided to team up against Big Mom. However, is Big Mom really oblivious about this plan? Meanwhile, the anime series of “One Piece” will be airing its new arc with just a few episodes.

Will Luffy And Bege’s Alliance Succeed?

Given Eiichiro Oda’s reputation of putting in plot twists, which keeps “One Piece” interesting, fans are expecting that the plan to crash Sanji’s arranged wedding tea ceremony will see unexpected turn of events. The most expected plot twist is the awareness of Big Mom about the secret alliance between Luffy and Bege. She might also know that the alliance is planning to stop the wedding and save the Vinsmokes. If the plan succeeds, they might also kill her.

Big Mom’s intelligence network is said to be the greatest, but the story is making fans believe that it isn’t absolutely effective. This is yet to be proven. Pekoms warned them that they shouldn’t underestimate Big Mom, for she isn't just a Yonko for a show, and he could tell that Big Mom knows about the plan. There are hints in the manga showing a prison book that has Capone Bege’s name on it, which means Big Mom is preparing for him.

“One Piece” Anime Supernova Arc Ends In April

On the other hand, the anime series of “One Piece” is heading to a new story arc, it will be called either the Supernova Arc or the Marine Rookies Arc. The said arc is an original story for the anime series and not included in the ongoing manga series. Though it is an original story, it will still follow the Straw Hat Pirates’ journey to save Sanji and his family.

But the filler arc will only last for three episodes, wherein it will start on March 19 and ends on April 2. The arc is a side story wherein the Straw Hat Pirates come across an island to replenish supplies. They will meet new characters in that island such as Grant, Bonam, Sappa, and Vice Admiral Prodi.

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