‘One Piece' Episode 777 Recap, Episode 778 Spoilers: Luffy Welcomes Carrot; Nations Gather For The Reverie

The latest episode of “One Piece” has just been released and continues the journey of Luffy and his friends to the legendary island. During their journey, they meet up with new characters and has even welcomed a new one aboard their team. While they head off to their main objective, they carry out sidequests that made them meet more characters.

Luffy and his friends sailed off on a voyage towards the last island, the legendary one called the Raftel. It is where the great treasure, One Piece reportedly resides, which is the original goal of Luffy since the beginning. There is a catch though because it has been said that nobody has ever reached Raftel except for one man, who is called Gol D. Roger, the king of the pirates.

While the rest of the pirate world are scurrying to get to the legendary island first, Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates team have currently split up into four teams to carry out various missions. Luffy’s team set out for Whole Cake Island to meet up with Emperor Big Mom. And the nations are preparing to meet up for the reverie event that takes place every four years.

“One Piece” Episode 777 went on to reveal the return of Princess Vivi Nefeltari as she sets off on another journey through the seas and she is hoping to see Luffy and his friends again. She then recalled of her encounter with the Straw Hat Pirates, which made her realize the value of her life as a princess as she tried to protect it. Princess Vivi and the Straw Hat Pirates even had a tearful parting, revealing their friendship.

Princess Vivi’s sea quest is proving to be something the country is worried of even though she is surrounded by formidable guards. The Nefeltari family are off to attend the reverie and they are keen to find out something about the past king. While the rest of the nations are heading towards Mariejois for the reverie, Luffy has yet to convince Princess Shirahosi to attend the said event.

When Luffy has succeeded in convincing her, they returned to their journey. But despite being a team of pirates, Luffy’s friends are getting seasick, worn out, and lost in the sea. An enthusiastic character, Carrot, who is a member of the Mink Musketeers, suddenly pops out of nowhere, surprising Luffy that there was even a stowaway. Luffy and his team are stuck with having to deal with her while the reverie commences and the story will continue with “One Piece” Episode 778.

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