Microsoft Is Working On A New Windows 10 Mobile To Release This Year

Microsoft Corporation is said to be working on a new Windows 10 mobile and will launch it this year. The new Windows Phone may not be different from the much-awaited Microsoft Surface Phone. Surely, the upcoming Surface Phone is one of the most-awaited 2017 phones at the moment. However, news regarding another Microsoft Windows phone has created a little confusion.

No Microsoft Surface Phone This Year

According to the International Business Times, there won’t be any Microsoft Surface Phone this year. Consequently, fans of the Microsoft Phone will have to save on the expected Windows 10 Mobile that the firm is aiming to launch at the end of 2017. Instead, the most anticipated Microsoft Surface Phone with an ARM-compatible version of Windows 10 will come around 2019.

The latest patent filed by Microsoft with the United States Patent and Trademark Office is said to be seen on the Surface Phone that will be unveiled in 2019. The filing indicates that the Microsoft Surface Phone will come with a foldable screen. It is considered a unique feature and described as a phone gadget with a flexible hinge structure. The Surface phone may be used not like a mobile but also like a tablet that can be folded to the size of a smartphone in order to use for sending texts and making calls.

Microsoft Is Working On A New Windows 10 Mobile

A Reddit thread about Windows Phone talks about the new Microsoft phone and it was first reported by a retired employee of a Microsoft contractor. The employee revealed that the new Microsoft phone will only land later this year or early next year. He also said that the new Microsoft phone is not expected to feature the ARM-compatible version of Windows 10, not like the Surface Phone.

Softpedia, a Romanian website, points out that various German sources also suggested that a Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile-based device is coming this year. According to Tech2, the upcoming new Microsoft Windows Phone would be limited to Windows Store apps and will surely run Windows 10 Mobile. With that, it will be similar to the Lumia 950 as well as 950 XL phones.


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