Someone Already Hacked The Nintendo Switch, Details Here

By Lewis Powell , Mar 13, 2017 03:00 AM EDT

Days after its release, the Nintendo Switch is coping to all the ups and downs the console has brought to the gaming community. Although the console is boasting a lot of innovative features and is reaping the benefits from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it has suffered some hardware defects that had customers returning the highly acclaimed console. And now, as if to add more problems into the fray, the Nintendo Switch has apparently been hacked.

Who Hacked The Nintendo Switch

An article by VentureBeat says that the hacker who is responsible for this is named qwertyoruiop. The hacker has claimed to have hacked the Nintendo Switch by posting an image of the hybrid-device, which is sitting on top of a laptop while the words "DONE" and the hacker's name is displayed on the console's screen.

Apparently, the hacker qwertyoruiop is already famous in the cyber world. A lot of security websites have already accredited this hacker as responsible for multiple "Jailbreaks" in the past. Specifically, this person is responsible for releasing multiple versions of Apple's iOS and the PlayStation 4 1.76 hack. These security websites all go on to say that the image the hacker posted was a Webkit exploit, which is running on the Nintendo Switch browser.

How The Hacker Did It

According to PVP Live, although the browser is hidden from Switch users, the hack was done through it. All that qwertyoruiop had to do was to use an already existing jailbreakMe iOS Webkit exploit and simply remove all iOS specific codes from it.

Furthermore, the browser was always known as the main place where hacks are always launched. Nintendo on the other hand, didn't think that the Switch's browser would be used more than what it was intended for, to allow users to click agree to access public Wi-Fi, let alone making it a portal for hacking.

However, it is unclear yet what this hack would bring on the table, whether it would allow owners to play pirated games on the Nintendo Switch or if it would give the owner any particular dangers and risk. At this point, Nintendo has no comments yet on the hacking, but if they learn more about this, it is quite possible that they may fix this on the next patch or update for the Nintendo Switch.

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