Facebook Launches Snapchat-like Feature Called ‘Messenger Day': Here's How It Works

Social media content and mobile app feature that disappears in after 24 hours are a hype right now. And Facebook, with almost two billion of active users, cannot ignore this popularity. The new feature of the giant social media is called the "Messenger Day" which provides easy and one-swipe access to the camera of your smartphone in order to take a picture or record a video.

According to Mumbrella, Facebook Messenger's new feature had replicated the stories from Snapchat and Instagram which also allow users to post pictures or videos which will expire after 24 hours.  Added to the disappearing feature, Facebook's Messenger Day will also include stickers, art, effects, filters and the ability to attach text to images.

All photos and videos can be posted directly to your account's story and can also be sent to your contacts on Facebook or to any specific friends or group of friends. Stan Chudnovksy, head of product for Facebook Messenger announced in a blog post that Facebook would be launching the service around the world. “At the end of last year, we launched Messenger’s new fast, powerful built-in camera to help make your conversations better than ever."

Here's How The 'Messenger Day' Works

This new feature of Facebook Messenger was under testing in Poland and some other foreign markets since the last fall. In fact, Chudnovksy mentioned in his blog post that they already began testing a way in order to share your everyday's "photos and videos as they happen, by adding to your Messenger Day." The Messenger Day is also very easy to master especially to those loyal users and who haven't branched out to use the other social or messaging apps.

According to Click Lancashire, users can easily snap or film whatever they are doing at a particular moment in time. First, from the camera on messenger, capture a desired photo or video for a post. Then, select the smiley face icon located on the top-right corner of the screen. This icon is the way to add stickers, doodles, effects and stickers to the captured memory.

Note that the stickers work just like in Snapchat stickers wherein users are able to give unique illustrations to describe the post. Lastly, once done decorating the photo or video, post it by clicking the arrow pointing on the right. To remove a certain post, click on the image, followed by the three dots at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and select the option Delete.


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