Oculus Makes VR Games Streaming Possible Via Facebook Live

Oculus announced today that a new update to its Gear VR platform will let users live stream their virtual reality gaming sessions straight onto Facebook. Much like hitting a button on the Facebook app on your smartphone to go live, the update will now bring "Livestream to Facebook" as an option on the Universal Menu when one is in VR. However, live streaming of games is currently available only outside of the US. Oculus announced on Friday that all Gear VR-compatible Samsung phones with the latest version of Android can be able to receive the said update "in the coming weeks."

Facebook Live Stream

Oculus has come up a way for people with Gear VR's to live to stream the games that they are playing directly on Facebook.  The live streaming functionality was available in other countries but with the recent introduction of an update, the company seems to have confirmed that the feature will now make its way to all Samsung smartphones with Gear VR compatibility with the latest version of Android.

Other Updates And Features

The new update will also add features to the Rooms app, which is a virtual spot and can be used for friends to connect using the VR. Also, new content can be accessed now when in Rooms like music videos from Vimeo. Oculus has also added support for 360 videos on the VR platform for the first time as well as voice search function, which would bring an easier way to find things which the user may be looking for. Furthermore, this update also adds another feature known as Oculus Events that lets users find highlighted VR events on all platforms and can take part in these events if they wish to.

Moreover, a Voice Speech recognition capability has been added to the Rift and Gear VR, which will currently allow users to navigate the different parts of the Oculus Home to find the games and apps. The Samsung Gear VR is now priced at $79.99 on the company's official website.


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