‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Season 2 Spoilers: Sara Lance Vs Rip Hunter; Clash Of The Captains?

After a one week break, fans welcomes the latest "Legends of Tomorrow" Season 2 spoilers. It seems that the team will have another mission in the next episode. However, because Rip Hunter has returned, things will not be the same inside the Waverider again.

A Clash Will Develop Between Rip And Sara

Some "Legends of Tomorrow" Season 2 spoilers indicate that there will be a clash between Rip and Sara Lance, as to who is the rightful captain. It is inevitable that the members of the team will choose sides. Rip has been away for too long and has done things contrary to the team's core mission.

Team Members Will Be Forced To Take Sides

Will there be anyone among the team who will take his side? Some spoilers suggest a possible exit for Rip. If there is something that Rip can do to save the team, which Sara can't, he may possibly recover his former position.

Is Rip A Better Captain?

It will prove to the rest of the team that Rip is a more qualified to be the captain. However, spoilers indicate that the team might split up the responsibilities. In this theory, Rip will be the over-all head, while Sara will handle their missions.

Is He A Mole?

Rip may be a mole planted by the Legion of Doom to subvert the team's work, as per other spoilers. His evil side did many nasty things while he's not the captain of the Waverider. He may turn against them anytime in the future. This will give the team plenty of things to think about.

Captain Cold Will Come Back

In a related note, Marc Guggenheim, Executive Producer of the show shared some of the latest "Legends of Tomorrow" Season 2 spoilers. He revealed the list cast for the upcoming episodes and mentioned that Wentworth Miller will return as Captain Cold. How will the showrunners work out his return from the dead?

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