‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Season 2 Spoilers, News And Updates: Rip Hunter Coming Back, But From Another Universe, And Evil?

The midseason finale of "Legends Of Tomorrow" Season 2 has left some questions as it offered some few answers. One of the intriguing questions left hanging in the minds of fans is: what happened to Rip Hunter, the captain of the Waverider? The upcoming season might have an answer to this very important question.

Rip Hunter Will Make A Comeback

A speculation coming from Cinema Blend stated that the connection of "The Flash" to "Legends of Tomorrow" could indicate that Rip Hunter may appear again. But the problem is: the returning Rip Hunter will come from another universe. He left a message to Barry Allen, which suggested that he may return in season 2, in the second half.

But the remaining Waverider crew in "Legends Of Tomorrow" Season 2 might not have the original captain, but an evil version of Rip Hunter from a separate universe. This was teased by Maisie Richardson-Sellers, who plays Vixen in the show. "There is someone coming back you will see in the next episode we're shooting, that's... 12," said Sellers.

Season 2 Will Dwell On The Captain's Return

Sellers also added that "Legends Of Tomorrow" Season 2 will dwell on the return of the captain and will also reveal the changes in his character. But the questions about his absence have been bugging the fans of the show. His whereabouts were never discussed in the previous episodes, sparking many theories on why he left.

One of the theories is that the captain has been battling with guilt borne by his past mistakes and does not want to return. Another theory says that he was held up in a time warp, which changed him eventually. And then there are those who say multiple time travel has given him a negative effect and made him an evil version of his original self. Whatever has become of Rip Hunter, it will be clearly revealed in "Legends Of Tomorrow" Season 2.

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