‘Suits’ Season 7 Spoilers: Surprising Twists; Mike Becomes A 'Legit' Lawyer? Spin-Off Coming?

Recent "Suits" Season 7 spoilers reveal that there will be unexpected twists and changes that will happen to the show. Will this be just the story or will it include changes in the cast as well? There are also rumors that the show will have a spin-off.

Mike Has Been A Complete Fraud

The focus of the last episode of season 6 was on Mike Ross. He pretended to be a lawyer, and he is about to go to prison for committing this fraud. Yet, things are really looking positive for him as the end of season 6 approaches. After this experience, "Suits" Season 7 spoilers suggest that he can start his career all over again.

Mike Was Allowed To Argue His Case In Court

At the end of season 6, he was allowed to argue his case in front of the ethics committee. He emphasized that he really wanted to become a real lawyer, despite the fact that he was not formally educated for the job. Jessica's help was really helpful in finally getting his license. According to some "Suits" Season 7 spoilers, this will perfectly fit with the theme of the upcoming season which is 'new beginnings.'

In season 7, now that Mike is a legit lawyer, spoilers indicate that this will cause significant changes in the story plot and characters. Mike's character has been a major driving force in the story of season 6. Now that he is a legit lawyer, fans can expect that things will not be the same again.

A Spin-Off Is Being Developed

In a related development, there are also "Suits" Season 7 speculations that say a spin-off is being developed by Aaron Korsh. The showrunner is now doing some brainstorming on the character of Gina Torres who plays Jessica Pearson in the show. She was presumed to be killed off in the last season. However, it turned out that Torres presented her idea and the studio seemed to like it.

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