Dota 2 News: Check Out The First Team To Qualify For The Kiev Major

The Kiev Major main qualifiers are now making headlines especially in SEA where the competition is quite tight among its constituents. With SEA being the first region to start the main qualifiers, it's logical that it will also bear the first team to qualify straight to the Kiev Major (apart from direct invitees). Meet team Faceless, the first team to win the Kiev Major main qualifiers.

Dota 2 : Team Faceless Won SEA Main Qualifiers

The Southeast Asian regional qualifiers have just produced the first team to qualify for the Kiev Major. After a decisive 2-1 victory against Mineski, Team Faceless has secured its spot on the Kiev Major Group Stage where they will face some of the world's best Dota 2 teams. But before that, let's try to recap their run on the SEA qualifiers.

Team Faceless vs TNC

During the first round, Team Faceless faced against TNC in a spectacular match that would go down as one of the best qualifier matches in SEA. The WESG Champions managed to snatch a game from Team Faceless but the latter eventually proved its superiority in experience as Team Faceless managed to topple the Filipino team down in a decisive game 3.

Team Faceless vs Mineski

After Faceless' victory against TNC, the team then proceeded to face against another Filipino team, Mineski where they battle it out in a grueling 50-minute game 1. The latter eventually sneaked a victory against Faceless, which totally shocked the audience considering the dominance of team Faceless during the initial laning phase.

But after a disappointing game 1, Team Faceless made a comeback where they picked an Alchemist-Ogre combo - which ultimately caught Mineski by surprise. The game ended quickly after several Mineski ganks ended in a failure and eventually fueling the Alchemist's items even further.

In game 3, Team Faceless has, once again, surprised Mineski by choosing unpredictable items and hero rotations early into the game. But as the game dragged off, it appears that Mineski is about to make a comeback just like in the scenario of game 1. With Team Faceless on the edge of their seats, the team eventually made a huge gamble by making a huge push upon the back of their Lone Druid's Aegis of Immortality.

The risk paid off as the team managed to breach high ground and eventually secured their spot on the Kiev Major. There will be one more spot left for the SEA qualifier which, will be played by TNC and Mineski. Check back for more Dota 2 news and updates!

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