Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days Confirmed To Be Released In PC And Xbox One; Here's What To Expect

Recently, Lionsgate and Big Star Games announced that the Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days will be released in PC and Xbox One. Fans got very excited, as they will finally get to play the classic action film. Fans can expect a lot of amazing features of the game. The gameplay of Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is also confirmed to be similar to the film, which means that players can expect that there will be a lot of intense action in the upcoming game.

Big Star Games released a screenshot for the Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days, making a lot of fans very excited as the screenshot looks realistic and filled with hardcore actions. However, the screenshot is only a pre-alpha version of the game. Because of this, fans can expect that more changes will come to the game.

However, some have also noted that the graphics of the game are also not yet polished. The characters in the screenshot are also not that realistic yet. Due to this, fans can only hope that the Big Star Games will improve and polish the game much better before the launch. It is expected that the game will have a lot of weapons and missions, which is similar to the film.

At this point of time, there is no release date yet for the Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days, though it is confirmed to be available in Xbox One and PC. It may take a while before the release date announcement of Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days as it still needs a lot of polishing, hopefulyy. Players can only hope that Lionsgate and Big Star Games will reveal the title's release date as early as possible. Some also expect that the said companies will reveal more features in the game, especially the game modes. Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days will definitely bring an all-new style of action game in today's gaming industry.

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