Amazon Echo Now Compatible With Bluetooth Speakers

Finally, after two long years, Amazon has offered one of the things that fans have been waiting for. Apparently, the Echo device can now stream audio to external speakers via Bluetooth.

According to CNET, Amazon has made no announcement when it first launched this feature or shared any specific date as to when it was released. It only came to light after bloggers and other news outlets have started to discuss this feature. The only thing shared by the company about its origin is that it was released just recently.

Things To Prepare Before Connecting

Before deciding to connect your Echo device to a Bluetooth speaker, there are five things to consider. First, set both devices at least three feet apart, because when the Echo device is too close to the external speaker, it may be more difficult for Alexa to hear the wake word and other requests.

Second, use a Bluetooth speaker certified for use with Echo Dot. Third, make sure that you can connect the external speaker with other Bluetooth devices, like a mobile phone. Fourth, the Bluetooth speaker must be turned on and the volume up. Fifth, disconnect any other Bluetooth devices from the Echo device because the Echo itself can only connect to one Bluetooth device at a given time.

How To Connect To The Echo Device And Bluetooth Speaker

Now, to connect both devices, there are also five steps. First, turn on pairing mode on the Bluetooth speaker. Second, open the Alexa app and select Settings. Third, select your device and select Bluetooth > Pair a New Device. Once you Echo device enters pairing mode and discovers your Bluetooth speaker, the speaker will appear in the list of available of devices on the Alexa app.

Fourth, select your speaker, and if the Echo device successfully connects with it, Alexa will tell you so. Fifth, after hearing Alexa telling you that the connection is successful, select Continue in the Alexa app which will mean that your Bluetooth speaker is now paired with your Echo device. However, if you do want to play audio from another device on your Bluetooth speaker, just say "Disconnect."

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