Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Guide To Building Tarrey Town

By Lewis Powell , Mar 14, 2017 05:23 AM EDT

Since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has just been released, players are discovering all the vast features that the game offers. In Breath of the Wild however, players have the capability to build a town. One that would yield a lot fantastic rewards at the end that would save the player from a lot of hours of town hopping and from grief.

Tarrey Town

According to GameRant, the very first thing that the player would need to do is to purchase a house. Although it would cost a whole lot of Rupees, it would surely benefit the player later on and with the help of a solid strategy to earn Rupees, this can be earned in no time. Once done purchasing a home, there will be a crew hanging around the player's home, specifically around the cooking pot outside of the house. Players need to talk to Bolson, in which the NPC says that one of his men, Hudson, is going to leave soon for another project.

Hudson is the NPC who has a mushroom shaped hair amongst the crew. Once located, talk to him. He would reveal that there is a settlement expansion in the Akkala Region, which would soon be named Tarrey Town. After some conversation, Hudson decides to leave but he would first invite the player to find him there. This would start the quest, From The Ground Up.

Building Tarrey Town

Gamersheroes locates the said settlement expansion. The settlement can be found on a circular raised piece of land that is sitting in the middle of Lake Akkala, which is on the southern part of the Akkala region and north of Zora's Domain.

Upon reaching the settlement, players need to find Hudson. In doing so, he will ask for help from the player and would first ask them to gather 10 bundles of wood. After gathering and turning over the wood to Hudson, he will tell the player of the problem with rocks. The player is then asked to find a strong Goron, but this would not be any ordinary Goron as they need to have a name that ends in Son.

At this point, players need to go to the Southern Mine, which is just near Goron City. Once there, players need to find a Goron named Greyson and talk to him. Specifically, they can find Greyson at night near the cooking pot. Once talked to, he will agree to join.

After returning to the settlement, players need to talk to Hudson again, and this time he will ask the player to gather 20 bundles of wood. After providing the wood, Hudson will say that he needs a tailor and mentions that a Gerudo would fit the job nicely. Before leaving, players would now be able to see a new merchant on the settlement which sells rare ores.

Next, players need to go to the Kara Kara Bazaar and find a master tailor with the name Rhondson. She can be found during daytime under a canopy near the inn. Talk to her and eventually she will join the player as she needs a change of scenery. After returning to the settlement, players would see that Rhondson has set up a clothing shop that offers the Desert Voe Armor set.

After looking at Rhondson's shop, talk to Hudson and he will ask for the player to gather wood again and this time it's 30 bundles. Once done bringing the wood, Hudson will mention that he needs someone to run the town's general store and believes that a Rito would fit the job precisely.

To find the Rito, players need to travel to Rito Village. Here, they would need to find someone named Fyson. He can be found near the Inn and would be selling arrows in increments of 10. Once done talking to him, he will agree to join the player. Head back to the town and players would find a general store with Fyson heading it. Fyson would then offer arrows of all types in bundles, so players can just shop here for arrows as much as they need.

After going through the general store, players need to talk to Hudson and again, he will ask for wood, and this time it's 50 bundles of it. Once done getting the wood, head back to Hudson to give him the wood and in turn, he will tell the player that he is engaged to Rhondson and would need a priest to marry them.

To find a priest, players need to go to Zora's Domain, specifically the priest can be found near the ponds at the back of the domain. His name is Kapson, and in speaking to him, the player would know that he has a desire to meet newly engaged couples. Talk to him about Hudson and Rhondson, and he will join the player and would depart immediately.

Once back at the town, players would see that Kapson has opened the town's Inn. Players can stay here whenever they are in town and it's free of charge.

Before the wedding commences, Hudson will ask the player to invite his friends. So the player needs to head back to the house they bought and find Bolson and Karson, which are still near the cooking pot. Invite them to the wedding and head back to Tarrey Town.

Once the wedding is done, players need to talk to Hudson again. He will thank the player for everything they've done and would give them three diamond ores. At this point, players would have finished the quest, From The Ground Up, but there is one more thing to do.

After going through the town and checking the stores, players need to rest at the Inn for the night. Once done, players need to go upstairs and head to the outside deck. Here they will find Granté, who has established a store that sells rare items. Basically, Granté sells rare items that can only be obtained once. If the player manages to lose any rare item like armor sets or the Hylian Shield or the Tunic of the Wind, these can be purchased from Granté, provided that the player has a lot of Rupees to pay for the items.

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