AMD RX Vega: Latest Rumors, Specs, Release Date And Price

Advanced Micro Devices, or most commonly known as AMD, is in the spotlight right now because of its new range of Ryzen processors. AMD’s next-generation graphics card is the Radeon RX Vega which will take the competition to Nvidia's new GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. The mystical AMD 687F:C1 apparently receives a codename similar to the earlier Vega products which AMD has shown in the past.

AMD RX Vega Specs

AMD may not be throwing away Intel’s best at outright performance, but they absolutely are expensive. According to Christian Today, AMD has already unveiled some of the important specs of the upcoming card. The most awaited AMD's RX Vega will have 14nm GFX9 GPU, 64 NCUs, 4096 stream processors and 16GB HBM2. In addition to that, the Next-generation Compute Unit (NCU) will have new geometry engine that is twice faster as the previous card and is high bandwidth cache controller (HBCC) as well as memory 2(HBM2).

Last year, Nvidia used NCU with its new 10-series graphics. This time, AMD is very confident with the RX Vega since it has also a specification that saves power and generates less heat. If there's plenty of work required for the system, such as playing a high-quality and high-resolution game, the full power of the AMD RX Vega chip can be used.

AMD RX Vega Release Date And Price

The Ryzen processors of AMD has just recently released and gamers have high hopes that the imminent Radeon RX Vega card will be just as good as previous one. According to PCAdvisor, AMD “expects to ship” the new RX Vega cards in the second quarter of this year. However, rumor suggests that we won’t see anything appear until the end of the quarter.

Even though AMD revealed little details about the RX Vega at the Game Developers Conference, it hasn’t yet said anything regarding its price. Nvidia's GTX 1080 Ti is worth £700, or approximately $700, which makes it the most expensive element in most PCs, as of today. In reality, AMD can keep the prices either up or down.


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