Final Fantasy XV News & Guide: How To Participate In The Timed Quest And Where To Find It

Final Fantasy XV players are ecstatic when they heard that Square Enix will hold a hunting event in the game. The players need to fight off a level 140 Behemoth. However, they need to make sure that they are at a high level to survive the hunting.

The Behemoth In Final Fantasy XV's Timed Quest?

Players must know that Square Enix will not be giving off the exact information where the players can find the level 140 Behemoth during the Timed Quest in Final Fantasy. They must head to Hammerhead located at the Longwythe Peak. Once they reach the area, the quest will begin.

According to Gear Nuke, for the players to survive the quest, they must use their warp points to heal themselves while charging to the Behemoth. Timing is very important when attacking the monster because it is on level 140 already.

Using their daggers will be useless but they can use their Ragnarok sword combined with their Warp Strike skill in the timed quest of Final Fantasy XV. The quest will start on March 14 and will last until March 20. It means that players have limited time only. It will be best if they join once the hunting has started.

Rewards After Beating The Behemoth In Final Fantasy XV

Once the players have succeeded in defeating the level 140 Behemoth, they can get additional 30,000 XP, 1.2 million Gil the in-game currency and 999 AP, as per PSU. In addition, players can get nine oracle coins that will be useful in playing Final Fantasy XV's timed quest.

The coins are very useful because players can trade them for valuable items in Altissia. The rewards are fulfilling once the players have defeated the nasty Behemoth because that means that they are skillful and powerful.

Hopefully, all the players have the chance to participate in Final Fantasy XV's latest timed quest. Not only that the rewards are handy but it can also mean that they have mastered the game after a long time playing it.

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