Apple To Build Urban S Electric Motorcycles For Evoke

Apple iPhone supplier Foxconn has been contracted by China-based startup Evoke Motorcycles to manufacture its new battery-powered Urban S model motorcycle. The bike company plans to ramp up production and enter the U.S. market this summer. Priced at less than $10,000, the sportbike-style ride will undercut the top brands of electric motorcycles currently on sale, including those from segment leader Zero Motorcycles.

The Urban S is actually more of a Galaxy motorcycle, as it uses a new 9 kilowatt-hour battery pack from Samsung. Previously, the e-bike was rated at 83 city miles and 50 highway miles ranges, but now, it has the revised range of 124 miles in the city and 74 miles on the highway. The motor it powers is rated at 24 hp and 86 lb-ft of torque, and the bike’s top speed is restricted to 81 mph.

The iPhone maker will make about 2,000 Evoke Urban S motorcycles to sell in China and the U.S. combined during 2017. This bike is the first model the bike startup plans to release this year. The new specs are an upgrade of the components from an earlier version for increased range, the Fox News reports.

Also, there is no clutch and no shifting on this bike. The disc brakes for both wheels are located on the handlebar, unlike traditional motorcycles where the rear brake is foot-operated and the front brake is controlled by a lever on the right-hand grip. So you have to brake the rear wheel first so you don’t find yourself in the air as you tumble forward, the Digital Trends reports.

According to its website, the 397-pound Urban S will jump from a standing start to 31 mph in 2.5 seconds, which means on-ramp blasting from stoplight to stoplight in busy cities. Additionally, the bike’s chainless design means minimum maintenance expense. Finally, while the battery pack is the only real connection to either Samsung or Apple, this cool bike does feature a 5-inch display with smartphone integration and built-in GPS navigation.

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