New Tesla Model Y SUV Revealed In Concepts

Tesla is said to have a new SUV model in the Model Y. The company though has not officially revealed the vehicle, though there are talks that it will be unveiled later this year. However, the new Tesla Model Y SUV has been revealed in concepts.

The Model Y is a crossover model based on Tesla's Model 3. On Twitter Elon Musk has already revealed that the Model Y would be a new vehicle from Tesla. While Musk might have named the Model Y as a potential production vehicle, Tesla so far has not said much about it yet.

So far, Tesla is concentrating on the Model 3 to go into production. There have been leaks of what the Model Y might look like, even if there are no official concept models that are out yet. One such concept has been revealed already. The Model Y concept has come out from Autocar.

The Model Y, if it would come out, is said to be much cheaper than current vehicles from Tesla. It is projected that the Model Y might possibly the most successful vehicle that would come out from Tesla. All of it is still speculation though, as Tesla has yet to reveal it.

It is also speculated that the Model Y might be unveiled later this year, according to Motoring. It won't be on sale until 2019 or possibly 2020 though. The rumor is that the Model Y might cost around $45,000.

The Model Y will have more advanced features, such as a new computer that can give the SUV driverless control abilities. Its entry level version will likely have the same 60 kWh lithium ion batteries that Tesla's sedans have. It could then have a range of 370 km.

It could also possibly have eight cameras on it, as Tesla plans to have its future models have that much on them. It will also have 12 ultrasonic sensors as well as a front facing radar. All of these and more would possibly be revealed later. As of now, the new Tesla Model Y SUV has been revealed in concepts. Porsche has also revealed the 2018 911 GT3 recently.

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