Driverless Concept Race Car Comes Out Of MWC 2017

The Roborar is a driverless concept race car that comes out of MWC 2017. It is a concept car designed by Roborace. The car has recently been featured at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. For its navigation, it has five lidars on it. Lidars use light to aid in its navigation. Aside from lidars, two radars along with 18 sensors and six cameras are also used.

The car's design still bears the aesthetics of a race car. It has been designed Daniel Simon. Simon is not new to designing concepts, having designed vehicles for films such as "Tron Legacy" and "Oblivion." For the Robocar, the car is made primarily of carbon fiber in order to reduce its weight.

The Robocar has a weight of only 975 kilograms. It is 4.8 meters long and two meters wide. It has four motors which gives it a speed of 320 kph. The car is only slightly smaller than a Formula One race car. Nvidia has supplied its computer chip, which is the Driv PX2 AI chip.

Details about the car's motors are not revealed, so its power-to-weight ratio is not yet known. However, for its speed and light weight would make it a very fast car. CEO Denis Sverdlov has said that he hopes people would see the Robocar like as something from the movies. Robocar could be the next innovation in global motorsport, according to Joy Online.

Innovations on the Robocar could also help in the development of more normal cars. Sverdlov has said that these innovations could make passenger and commercial cars much safer. Roborace has development cars as well called Devbots, on which tests are being made, as de zeen reports. The Robocar is said to be the first car of its kind.

Driverless cars could be seen soon in motorsport races. A driverless concept race car comes out of MWC 2017. A new technology could also increase the range of electric cars soon.

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