'The Amazing Race' 29 Updates: Installment Starts On March 30; Cast Reveal Happening Soon?

By Donna Marie Lapena Padua , Mar 15, 2017 04:00 AM EDT

"The Amazing Race" season 29 is going to premiere earlier than expected. The "Amazing Race" season 29 will premiere on March 30, not following its original release date, April 21. One of the notable changes made is the announcement of its new timeslot on CBS.

"Amazing Race" used to air its episodes on Friday nights at 8 in the evening, but the new season will change its schedule to Thursday at 10 in the evening. CBS has decided to move "Training Day" on a Saturday slot, which originally occupies the the new schedule of "Amazing Race".

Many believed that rescheduling the "Amazing Race" will bring both negative and positive effects on the show. Being a family-oriented series, some fans claim that the 10pm timeslot is a little too late, especially for kids. On the other hand, one of the positive comments regarding the new timeslot states that the Thursday schedule might attract more viewers from the 18-49 demographic, since weekends might keep the adult audiences busy with other activities.

The participants for "Amazing Race" 29 are not yet revealed. However, since the big reveal usually comes a few days before the premiere of the new installment, it will be safe to assume that participating teams will be introduced after two more weeks or maybe as early as next week.

"Amazing Race" 29 was expected to air last year. However, the new season of the hit series was dissolved from the Fall 2016 lineup of CBS. Last year marked the first time of "Amazing Race" to air only one season in a whole annum. Yet again, the Emmy Award-winning show is also rumored to release only one season this 2017 to avoid clashing with "Big Brother". CBS, though, is yet to make an official announcement about the issue, hence, fans might rather want to enjoy the new season while waiting for concrete updates about "Amazing Race" 30.

Meanwhile, "Amazing Race" 29 is already done with its tryouts and there are already maps released online on where to catch the contending teams for the upcoming installment. The aspirants were reportedly spotted gathering around Los Angeles for the pre-race event. Reports claim that Panama will be the starting point of the official challenges and will end the game phases in Seoul, Korea.

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