Strafe Release Date Delayed; Here's Why

Recently, Devolver Digital announced that the release date of Strafe will be delayed, which made a lot of eager fans a little disappointed. The company confirmed that the game still needs a lot of improvements, especially in the graphics. This can actually be a good this as fans can expect that the game will have an amazing visualization.

As announced, the new release date of Strafe will now be on May 9, 2017. It is definitely worth the wait as the game seems to have a lot of improvements before the launch. Fans can expect that the overall textures of the game will be realistic; adding in that some improvements in the brutality might also be the reason of the game's delay.

Strafe is a bloody first-person shooter. The game's difficulty increases every stage, making it very difficult yet fun. There are also a lot of amazing weapons to choose from. The game is not just about shooting and killing enemies, as some stages will need a lot of strategic thinking, where players should be very careful about his or her position while being attacked by an enemy. Strafe will definitely bring back the old-school style of shooting games. Furthermore, fans can also expect a lot of secret areas in the game, which might be very difficult to discover.

There is no announcement yet about the game's current status. However, fans can expect that Devolver Digital will reveal more information about the upcoming title, especially the price, although, it is believed that the game will have a very affordable price.

At this point of time, fans can only hope that May 9 is the final release date of the game. Strafe will also be available to play in PC and PS4. Meanwhile, those curious about Strafe can watch the game's demo below.


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