‘Doctor Who' Update: The Twelfth Doctor's Last Season; Capaldi To Exit Show

Finally, after several months of waiting, the new trailer of the British TV series is out. The Time Traveller, who is also known as “Doctor Who”, revealed a lot of information during the clip, the revelation is bigger than the addition of Pearl Mackie in his group.

The Doctor Is Back

“Doctor Who” is considered as one of the longest TV series in the world today. BBC first aired the show way back in 1963. There were plenty of outstanding actors who played the role “Doctor Who”. As reported, this will be the last time Peter Capaldi will play the role of the prominent doctor. Capaldi has been on the show for quite some time. Some fans might not like the decision of the producers, but Capaldi has to go.

Fans should not be sad about the swan song of Peter Capaldi. In fact, when the iconic actor was interviewed, Capaldi stated that “Doctor Who” should go on with or without him. Capaldi can still act and there is no question about his ability. However, father time has caught him. As seen on multiple pictures and videos, Capaldi got older. However, it did not stop Capaldi in their new epic trailer.

Peter Capaldi’s Last Season

Peter Capaldi showed once again why he was tapped to be the 12th Doctor of the show. Capaldi’s quirky and one-liners are few of the things that make the series entailing. Also, there is a new kid in town, literally for the series. Pearl Mackie will play the role of Bill and will act as a sidekick of the Doctor. As expected, new arcs and villains will be introduced and one of them might be a star from other TV series.

The series will be aired on April 15, which marks the 10th season of Peter Capaldi. In other news, this will also be the last time that Steven Moffat will be involved in the show.

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