'True Detective' Season 3 Still On Hiatus; HBO Might Order Premiere In Late 2018?

Reports on "True Detective" is slowly going out of circulation, as HBO remains undecided regarding the future of the hit legal drama. The sub-par ratings of the second season of "True Detective" is being pinpointed as the major reason for the delay of its renewal. However, HBO executives previously said that the series is not yet dead. The show might then be awarded with its renewal, but will have to give way to other series that will premiere in 2018.

"True Detective" has already been on a long hiatus. However, HBO still does not have any clear answers about the future of the show. The second season of the crime legal drama, starred by Colin Farrell, has received countless criticisms stating that the installment has not been well-written, which led to its drop in the ratings. It has always been compared to the freshmen season of the series, which was widely acclaimed and a winner of several Emmy awards.

Nic Pizzolatto, who wrote the two seasons is reportedly on a break from doing "True Detective." This has also been pointed out as one of the major reasons why the series has no progress. Pizzolatto is reportedly busy with another legal drama like the "Perry Mason", where he is said to be working with "Iron Man" actor, Robert Downey Jr. He has however promised to extend his support for "True Detective" by assisting any new writer that comes to the show.

Lead actors of previous installments, Matthew McConaughey and Farrell, expressed their interest in coming back, and do a role in a possible third season of "True Detective. This has given fans a small spark of hope that the series might come back soon with two amazing actors volunteering to revive the show.

HBO has a lot of things served on its plate with "Westworld", working on its new season as well as "Game of Thrones". The former show has overtaken other HBO shows which easily made it the new flagship of the network. The record breaking ratings of "Westworld" season 1 has given the show the rights to be prioritized by its studio network.

With that said, "True Detective" might be shelved a bit longer if the network gives a premiere order for its third season. "Westworld" is reportedly returning on television early in 2018. Hence, fans might want to wait until the end of the said year to determine the exact fate of "True Detective."

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