Eye By Esti: The Android Phone That Attaches To An iPhone

The battle between operating systems has been going on for years, as both sides of the market have been quite vocal about their preferences. However, the new Esti Eye case may just put the debate to rest. The new accessory turns any iPhone into an Android device.

As C|Net reported, the Esti Eye is a unique accessory that does not necessarily fall into the category. The publication even went as far as to call it a separate Android Phone. The device is estimated to sell somewhere between US$189 to US$229, depending on whether or not the user wants the LTE feature. It will fit into the back of the more recent iPhone generations, from the iPhone 6 and 6Plus.

The Eye will share the speaker, microphone and camera of the iPhone device, as The Verge confirmed. But other than this, the unit can stand on its own. It has two SIM Card slots, as well as a port for a microSD card, a headphone jack, a battery and an NFC chip. The screen is a 5 inch AMOLED display, which will reportedly always be on.

Its specific specs include a 2,800mAh battery and up to 256GB of extra storage. The Esti Eye will also feature wireless charging, infrared connectivity, and a car-mounted metal tag. And while it has been confirmed that the device will run Android, the specific version has not been advised. The company has, however, promised two years of update support.

The Esti Eye is looking for support on Kickstarter and the early-bird price us currently at US$95 for the non-LTE model and US$129 for 4G version. However, it should be noted that the company has not released a product into the market before, so there are some risks involved when deciding to support the product. The unit is expected to ship to backers sometime in August or September.

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