Nokia 6 Torture Test Shows Phone's N3310-level Durability

If there would be a single winner as 2017's most durable smartphone, the Nokia 6 could effortlessly take the crown. This is clearly evidenced by the recent torture test conducted to the phone by popular tester JerryRigEverything. The YouTube star took the new Nokia phone to an extreme test and ultimately proved that the Nokia 6 represents the Nokia brand in the most positively stereotypical way. Just like the old-school N3310, the 2017 Nokia phone can handle abuse without budging.

Nokia 6 Scratch Test

The Nokia 6's display got scratched at a level-6 sharpness, which means that the phone is on par with the mainstream flagship phones on the market. The scratch test also proved that the rest of the phone's body is made of metal, making the Nokia 6 a pretty solid smartphone as a whole. Scratching the critical parts of the phone like the fingerprint scanner, front cam and rear cam also barely destroys the parts.

Nevertheless, if there are a few things within the Nokia 6's hardware that aren't as durable as the others, it would probably be its earpiece and rear flash. The phone's earpiece is made out of a fine cloth while the rear flash is pretty scratchable. Nevertheless, the earpiece is usually difficult to damage unless done on purpose and the flash's light can still flow through despite scratches.

Nokia 6 Burn Test

The Nokia 6 also underwent a display burn test. The result showed that exposing the screen to flame for a few seconds won't damage the display at all. The flame-exposed part did turn black after about ten seconds of exposure. Nevertheless, when the display was allowed to cool down, the black spot disappeared immediately.

Nokia 6 Bend Test

One of the most amazing reveals during the Nokia 6 torture test is its body's durability. Bending the phone upwards or downwards doesn't move the device in any way, much like the beloved N3310 basic phone. Other phones normally flex when purposely bent. Some even lose their adhesives when exposed to such a test. Nokia 6 is different. Bending the phone shows zero flex, making the Nokia 6 one of the most amazingly durable smartphones in the market.

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