Horizon Zero Dawn Updates To Repair Bugs; What Else Should Be Fixed?

Horizon Zero Dawn had many bugs and progression issues plaguing players who bought and enjoyed the game thoroughly despite them. Still, these bugs can be quite annoying and may disengage the player from the narrative and immersive open world of Horizon Zero Dawn. These bugs are expected, however, with a game as big as this but they were recently patched after the latest update.

Horizon Zero Dawn Patch Notes

Patch 1.04 of Horizon Zero Dawn was mainly focused on fixing bugs and issues within the game that players have been experiencing. Progression problems in main and side quests of some players were also fixed by Guerilla. However, another bug came up when the patch was downloaded which seem to make the outfit stats doubled - but according to VG24/7, this is only a UI problem.

The patch also fixed some major game system issues in Horizon Zero Dawn. Like exploration, music would drop out after playing for hours, the issue where Aloy is stuck in her sliding animation and a vague "miscellaneous issues to improve the overall play experience." The patch also fixed issues from the main quests like "The Proving" where attackers would fall down the slope, "The Womb Mountain" where the spear would disappear in Aloy's inventory and much more. To read the entire patch notes, click here.

What Else Should Be Fixed In Horizon Zero Dawn?

Players are happy about the changes and bug fixes made by the patch, which is a total of at least 21 but of course, there's no harm in asking for more. The most popular and useful change so far that player would like to see in Horizon Zero Dawn is the ability to filter the icons that are shown on the map. According to this Reddit thread, the map is packed with stuff that it is hard to find what players want under all the chaos.

Players would also love to have an amount slider when buying resources from the vendors since it takes them a lot of time to buy in bundles when each item have a one-second purchase timer. Not everyone is sometimes keen on hunting and searching for the resources they need, and would love to buy them from the vendor when laziness strikes. However, it's not just about laziness, it's also about convenience and having such option in Horizon Zero Dawn won't hurt for sure.

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