Horizon Zero Dawn: Guide To Hidden Mechanics In The Game

With an immense game like Horizon Zero Dawn, it's not without secrets and hidden game mechanics. YouTube channel GamesRadar made a list of all the hidden game mechanics that players may encounter in the game but aren't taught to beginners. These game mechanics are useful to know and may be the key to mastering Horizon Zero Dawn in a deeper sense.

Hidden Mechanics Horizon: Zero Dawn Doesn't Tell

The tutorial in Horizon: Zero Dawn only teaches beginners the controls but doesn't go into an in-depth discussion about the rest of the mechanics in the game. One handy perk that players can pay attention to is the little icons that pop up on top of the mechanical creatures. They come in handy during stealth; as long as a question or an exclamation mark hasn't appeared on top of the enemy means they haven't noticed or seen Aloy. Yellow alerts can still be viable for a stealth skill but red means Aloy needs to hide in Horizon Zero Dawn.

One of the most useful mechanics in Horizon: Zero Dawn is Aloy's ability to override robots. Overriding can be used to make a temporary ally of one of the mechanical creatures to either let them fight beside or be ridden by Aloy. Buying maps from merchants will reveal the hidden collectibles across the area, so when Aloy is somewhere new, head on over to the local merchant in Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Items in Horizon: Zero Dawn that has 'Selling For Metal Shards' in the description are safe to sell for Metal Shards or Horizon's currency. Sometimes, bows alone can't kill high-level creatures so - Traps can help a great deal. Enemies are also susceptible to certain status effects like Ice and Shock and taking note of which enemies are weak against help at taking them down easier in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Added Tips In Horizon: Zero Dawn

Merchants in Horizon: Zero Dawn gives out free useful stuff if Aloy takes the time to say 'hi' to them. It's useful to always use Focus to tag enemies to avoid unwanted conflict. Players need to get as many resources at they can at the beginning not just from mechanical dinosaurs, but also from real animals in the game like Foxes, Boars, Turkeys, and more in Horizon: Zero Dawn. To know more, watch the video below!

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