Outlast 2 Too Extreme? Australia Refuses Giving The Horror Game Its Classification

Outlast 2 has seemed to run into some problems with its rating in Australia due to some of its themes. With this in mind, the horror game might be tackling more severe issues than that of the first installment.

Outlast 2 Contains Some Extreme Themes

According to Press Start, the upcoming horror game has been denied its classification in Australia despite its initial application by publisher 18point2. The country supposedly denied giving out their classification for the game's hardcore themes. In line with this, the game deals with the topics of drug misuse/addiction, sex, crime, violence or cruelty that "offend against the standards of morality."

It is worth noting that its predecessor also ran into the same issue with Australia. Because of this, developer Red Barrels had to modify the game before its official release. It is still unsure as to what the developers plan to do or if they still plan on releasing the game on its current launch date.

Experience New Terror In The Sequel

Similarly, the upcoming sequel will focus on cameraman Blake Langermann and his wife, Lynn, who are both working on uncovering a case of a woman's mysterious murder, as per Eurogamer. Their investigation leads them to the dark parts of the Arizona desert where they run into some unexpected problems. Judging from the information they have released, it seems like the sequel will focus on religion and cults.

It is still unsure of what these villains are capable of but it seems like they have gone to great and brutal lengths seeing as how Australia has deemed the game too extreme, even for adults. That aside, Red Barrels has teamed up with Warner Bros. to release a physical trilogy of the series. This collection not only includes the upcoming horror game but also the first installment and the Whistleblower downloadable content (DLC).

It is no doubt that Red Barrels is trying to create an even more terrifying experience with Outlast 2. However, it seems like that might have gotten a bit too far with their themes. For now, fans will have to wait for further information regarding the game's release date.

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