NieR: Automata Guide: Everything About 'Retrieve The Confidential Intel Quest'

Ever since Platinum Games released NieR: Automata, players became busy beating the game. The game offered engaging gameplay, including missions that they need to complete. One of them is "Retrieve the Confidential Intel Quest" that will help them understand how important plug-in chips are.

What Players Need To Know About NieR: Automata's 'Retrieve The Confidential Intel Quest'

If the players want to understand NieR: Automata, they must complete "Retrieve The Confidential Intel Quest." To begin, players need to talk to a Resistance member who is found on one of the dilapidated rooms at top of a roof in the City of Ruins.

The member will then instruct them to acquire some plug-in chips that will help them in the quest. According to Twinfinite, Command will tell them that YoRHa unit is reported missing. Now, their task is to retrieve the plug-in chips that the machine has dropped.

The Pod will help them identify if the chips are from YoRHa so they will not be confused. Once they have found the chips, they must go back to the Resistance member and give up the chips in order to go on. Next, they must head back to the Desert Zone.

At the Desert Zone, they must go to a Resistance android because who has the YoRHa unit. He will explain that he just wants to repair the unit to start a family of his own. However, the players will not be able to help the unit and must leave.

Plug-In Chips In Nier: Automata

As per Inverse, there are five categories of the chips. First, the System Chip is in control of everything that players see in their menu in NieR: Automata. Included in the chip are health bar, objective tracker and enemy display.

The Attack Chip will help the players customize their weapons in the game. The Defense Chip in NieR: Automata is about giving access on damage resistance, absorption abilities and health retrieval. The chip will also help players heal.

The Support Chip is used in customizing the drop rates if the enemies and the pick-up location of the items on the map. Lastly, the Hacking Chip is about strengthening the abilities of 9S when players are using the character.

Hopefully, players will be able to finish "Retrieve the Confidential Intel Quest" in NieR: Automata because they will encounter different plug-in chips in the mission and also in the main game. The chips will be a huge help to them since they will carry information that will help them survive the game.

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