World Of Warcraft Former Developers Announce A New Survival RPG Titled 'Rend'

Recently, the former developers of the very popular World of Warcraft announced a new game entitled Rend. The former developers created a new gaming studio, which is named Frostkeep Studios. The said gaming studio also released a new trailer for their first game, sending waves of excitement among fans and other gamers familiar with the devs work.

In the latest trailer of Rend, which can be seen down below, fans can see how amazing the game looks, highlighting the various powerful weapons they can use. One of these weapons is a hammer that can summon lighting near the holder. There is also a crossbow-like weapon, which can shoot laser beams. The in-game world also looks similar to the World of Warcraft, especially in the overall textures. Fans can also expect a lot of powerful enemies, such as an alien-like creature and a huge raging direwolfs. Rend also has a portal feature, where players can travel to another world, something that testifies Frostkeep Studios' hardwork on making the game interesting.

The said title is a survival fantasy RPG, which is something new in today's gaming industry. In Rend, players are given three kinds of factions to choose from. Due to this, fans can expect that the game will be a very competitive survival RPG. Players will also have to gather a lot of resources to craft weapons and armors in the game. With these amazing features for a survival game, fans can expect that Rend will be a classic hit in today's survival games.

There is no exact release date yet for the Rend, except for a planned Early Access version on Steam. This version however, is expected to be filled with bugs that need fixing. One of the game's main selling point is its association with former WoW developers, which can either be a good or a bad thing depending on the expectation it will generate. Will Rend be as successful as World of Warcraft? Only time will tell.

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