Hitman News: March Update Now Available; Here's What To Expect

Recently, Square Enix released the March update of Hitman. The company also released the patch notes for the game's March update, which revealed many new features and changes in the new update. Fans can also expect a much better gameplay of Hitman with the March update.

The March update of Hitman brings a lot of improvements in the game. The update fixed the bug that was causing the game to crash. There is also a new subtitle support for the game's Chinese language. Players will also be happy to know that the update had fixed the issue about the disappearing exit points in the game after the mission is complete. There are also a lot of changes in the NPCs in the game, such as the fix for the guards that are suspending their routines and never going back, as well as the subdue disappearance when the enemy is picking up or doing something.

The March update of Hitman also fixed the issue about the unscored Never Spotted bonus. The update has also fixed the bug in the Sapienza Lab, where the enemies can detect the character even if it was hidden. There is also a new feature in the Contract Tile, where players can now see if a specific contract is included in the list of My Favorites, which is a very convenient feature.

The March update of Hitman also improved the game's audio and AI dialogues. The update also fixed the Sticky Pistol issue, where the pistol's countdown expires even if is unused. Furthermore, the disappearance of a holstered weapon while doing the diorama in Paris was also fixed in the latest update. With these noted changes, it is without a doubt that the March update for Hitman is definitely a big step in the game's future contents.

Hitman can be played in PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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