Waze Now Allows You To Control Spotify Music Even On The Road

Waze is a community-based navigation, traffic app and is considered as the world's largest kind in the market. Spotify, on the other hand, is a digital music app which offers users to access millions of songs around the world. As of this year, Spotify gains 50 million of active and paid subscribers. Today, Waze and Spotify, two very well-known applications are joining forces to keep their customers play music even on the road.

The Integration Of Waze And Spotify

Waze And Spotify are now available in each companies’ respective apps on Android and iOS devices. Meaning, a user can access the Waze navigation app even he/she is using the Spotify app, as long as both apps are installed on a device. It’s very interesting to see that the most popular traffic and navigation app partner with the most popular music streaming service.

According to Greenbot, this new feature and integration are only available on Android devices. The two tech firms haven’t said whether this new collaboration will land on iOS soon enough. If an Android user doesn't see any integration notification yet on their devices, do not worry, reports claimed that it will definitely show up in the coming weeks.

How The Integration Works

When the Waze app is open, a user will see a small Spotify icon located on the top most part of the Android device. Tap that icon button to start the integration and Waze will show the last played song on Spotify. It will also allot space for the playback controls.

Vice versa, the user can also integrate the two apps starting with the Spotify app. First, open the Spotify app and he will see a Waze overlay located on the top screen. Then, select where you are planning to go and you'll be able to get the correct directions from Waze while remaining in the Spotify app.

Note that this integration will only be possible if the two applications are installed on your Android device. According to Life Hacker, this integration is a pretty handy set of tools especially if a user happens to use Waze and Spotify very frequently. This is really a perfect partnership since other navigation apps have been lacking for a little twist nowadays.


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