Google May Have A Third, Larger Device In The Works, Could Be Codenamed 'Taimen'

A recent report has already revealed the code names for the 2017 Pixel phones - Muskie and Walleye. However, as it turned out, these two aren't the only Google phones that are expected to be released this year. A new report has surfaced saying that there is a third Google smartphone that will be introduced on top of the Pixel follow-ups. The said phone is currently codenamed as "Taimen."

Google Phone 2017: Taimen

This rumor started from Droid Life, which sources have confirmed the names Muskie, Walleye, and Taimen. There really aren't a lot of clues about Google's 2017 smartphones aside from the internal code names. However, since taimen generally refers to a massively-sized fish from the trout and salmon family, experts believe that the Google Tamien phone will be bigger than the other Google phones.

It's still unclear as to how big Google Taimen will be but the source said that this device is specifically a mobile phone. This means that despite its alleged big size, it won't be a tablet or a hybrid laptop. Moreover, early speculations also believe that the Tamien device will be a standalone model. Meaning, it won't be a part of the Pixel family, unlike the Muskie and Walleye which will be direct successors to the Pixel and Pixel XL from last year.

Google Smartphone Plans For 2017

Google hasn't really revealed a lot of solid information about its mobile plans this year. However, the company's name also gets mentioned within the rumor mill every now and then. Rumors from the recent months revealed that Google may give more focus on the Pixel 2017's low light imagery. There were also speculations that Google may be considering using an Intel chipset for its next device.

Additionally, there have been reports in the past months saying that Google may also be working on a budget-friendly smartphone on top of the Pixel and Pixel XL successors. Whether or not this is true and whether or not it will be the Google Tamien, there's still no concrete answer as of now. What's almost confirmed is that there will still be Google phones this 2017 as it has always been in the past years.

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