Fans React To Unrealistically Smooth And Hairless Armpit Of Wonder Woman

"Wonder Woman" is the upcoming DC movie that will emphasize on Diana Prince's Origin. Watching the latest "Wonder Woman" trailer, fans and moviegoers can agree that Gal Gadot is fitted to do the role. However, in a scene where "Wonder Woman" raised her arms to lift something, people have noticed that the heroine's armpits appeared to be unrealistically smooth and hairless.

Fans Go Crazy Over WW's Armpits

Fans reacted that Wonder Woman's armpits were completely hairless. It was good until some have realized how 'Photoshopped' her armpits were.

Most fans made an issue out of it, saying that Gal Gadot's armpits are so smooth and so fine that not even a bit of a stubble can be seen. According to a report from Refinery 29, some people are even comparing Wonder Woman's 'glowing' armpits to her 'glowing lasso. The 1:47 mark of the trailer shows what the fans are talking about.

Twitter Fires Up

Twitter users are even partying with a lot of tweets regarding the new trailer. "Just speaking aesthetically, the new Wonder Woman trailer had me wishing she actually had armpit hair," a twitter user tweeted. While another tweet said, "Wonder Woman would probably have armpit hair in my opinion."

Someone even shared some really serious ridicule, tweeting, "She was raised on an island of women w/no Schick advertisements!" People are still waiting for the "Wonder Woman" production team's response on this. Fans are also wondering if the production will make any changes based from the reaction of the spectators.

Why Do People Make This An Issue?

According to Slate, it is really hard to believe that "Wonder Woman", who has been on an isolated island filled with beautifully strong women her entire life, is worried about waxing and bleaching her armpits to make sure there isn't a hair left on them. Aside from that, critics also support the issue, saying that there's really no logic for her armpits to be that smooth and hairless when she's too busy training hard all day long.

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