Dota 2: Fans Have Mixed Reaction With The Juggernaut Arcana; Item Also Comes With Bugs

Valve finally released the highly requested, way overdue, Juggernaut arcana today and fans have mixed reaction regarding the item's visuals and effects. One of the popular debated topics is that, was the long wait worth it? Let's try to see how fans reacted with the newest arcana in Dota 2.

Dota 2 : Juggernaut Arcana

In the last TI6 arcana competition, both IO and Juggernaut had made its way to the finals. A lot of fans trolled Valve by voting IO over Juggernaut which basically prompted Valve to take actions and eventually made Juggernaut the winner. Many fans argue that whilst IO received many "troll votes," Juggernaut was picked to receive the arcana since more users equate to more buyers and consequently, more money. But regardless, Juggernaut did win the competition but it took Valve nearly seven months before the item was released - the longest arcana launching in the game.

Fans Have Mixed Reaction With The Juggernaut Arcana

In the Dota 2 subreddit, some fans are quite disappointed with some of the effects of the new arcana, pointing out its similarities on the previous arcana, particularly on MK's color effect. Furthermore, the arcana made Juggernaut look like Wraith King with all the souls lingering into his body. One user also pointed out that the color seems dull for the hero.

While others are busy throwing negative comments about the arcana, others praise the cosmetic, animation and ambient effects of the item stating that of all the arcanas that were released, Juggernaut's had the most articulate effects so far. Some fans even said that the Juggernaut arcana is incomparable when contrasted with SF or CM arcana.

Juggernaut Arcana Bugs

Meanwhile, for those that have bought the arcana, some users experienced bugs relating to their existing items impairing the arcana's animation effects. Here's one of the recorded glitches of the item. Some users also experienced missing Exalted status of the arcana despite purchasing it within the allotted time (until March 31). Check back for more Dota 2 news and updates!

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