Former 'Power Rangers' Actor , Ricardo Medina Jr. Pleads Guilty To Killing Roommate With A Sword

Officials confirmed that former "Power Rangers" actor, Ricardo Medina Jr., 38, has pleaded guilty to the murder of Joshua Sutter, 36, in 2015. Medina admitted killing his roommate with a "Conan the barbarian" style sword after an argument over Medina's girlfriend on January 31, 2015. The victim was lethally stabbed 10 times.

It Was Just Self-Defense

The charges against Ricardo Medina Jr. came eight months after he was re-arrested for the alleged murder, and was held on $1 million bail. In a factual evidence, Allen Bell, Medina's attorney, said that Sutter was only stabbed once and claimed that the autopsy report confused prior dog bites for stab wounds.

"I can only conclude that the conduct that we complained of is being ratified and ignored by the district attorney, and, or I hate to say, maybe suppressed by the district attorney," Bell said.

However, Rachel Kennedy, Sutter's sister, said that the incident happened at her dog rescue ranch near Green Valley, a place where both men were hired to work.

Heated Argument Turns Into Bloody Crime

Medina and Sutter got into an argument that escalated into a fight in a house that they shared in Green Valley. Detectives said Sutter followed Medina and his girlfriend into their room, forcing the door open. With Sutter's persistence to enter the room, Medina stabbed him with a sword he kept in the bedroom.

Medina's attorney claimed that the incident was pure self-defense. After preliminary examination, the District Attorney's Office decided to release Medina. The DA declined to file charges against the actor.

On a follow-up investigation, he was charged with murder in January 2016. Medina, pleaded to one felony count of voluntary manslaughter, admitting the claim of killing Sutter with a 'sword'. He now faces six years in state prison, Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office will read his sentence on March 30.

"Power Rangers" Career

Medina is known for his role as Cole Evans, Red Lion Ranger, in the "Power Rangers Wild Force" in 2002 and as Deker, a villain in "Power Ranger Samurai" in 2011 TV series. He had additional voice roles in video games and other TV episodes related to the "Power Rangers" franchise.

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