Power Rangers Movie 2017 Cast & Updates: Rita Repulsa To Summon Lord Zedd And Goldar

Fans from the original TV series are perhaps excited for the imminent Power Rangers movie. It would be thought-provoking to see the new group of teenage champions and how they save the world from the invading force of a large army of monsters and Putty Patrollers to serve her. Spectators might not get a new set of villains but might excited on the new look of the rangers and their Mega Zords. I, myself wanting to see new storyline. How about you?

We already knew that Rita Repulsa will surely be part of the upcoming film. The role will be played by no less than American-actor and director Elizabeth Banks. It's her first time to play a villain character and that certainly brings a lot of anticipation. But Rita is not alone. She may be the fan favorite villain in front desk, but there are other scoundrels that we can look forward to. One of them is big bad Lord Zedd and the resurrection of Goldar.

Latest Power Rangers movie suggests that big bad Lord Zedd is undeniably part of the upcoming film. Rita is incisive for the Zeo crystal on Zedd's behalf. The Zeo crystal is the same artifact that allow the teenage superheroes to transform as Zeo Rangers in Power Rangers Zeo.

Goldar's The Evil Side-Kick Returns

Another villain that known to us since the TV series is making a comeback is Goldar. Goldar is Rita's favorite henchman. Seemingly, all the other villains in the film are connected to Rita.

Rita will almost certainly resurrect Goldar. The latter gets vaporized into a cloud of microscopic gold particles. So, Banks' character might recollect his lost parts and resurrect him. Rita's quest for gold begins as well.

Goldar's role in the movie is predictable to be bigger than his part in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series. He was more like an irritation in the original television series. But this time, his existence will be vital for Rita to effectively invade Earth. Both Lord Zedd and Goldar might get a new look. Fans can also look forward to see Zedd and Goldar's transformation in the film. In addition, Putty patrol will be an aide their success.

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