Fire Emblem Heroes: Here's Why Skill Inheriting Might Be Ruining The Game

Fire Emblem Heroes has included a new feature wherein fans can carry over skills of one character to another via Skill Inheritance. However, it seems like some fans are already quitting the game over this new feature.

Skill Inherit Makes Its Way To Fire Emblem Heroes

According to Siliconera, the latest update in the mobile strategy game has brought in the Skill Inherit mechanic similar to that of the original game. This new feature allows one character to learn up to three skills from another hero. However, keep in mind that units cannot simply learn these skills out of nowhere, as the inheriting character needs at least 1.5 x the normal amount of SP.

Similarly, players will lose the character whose skill will be taken from, meaning players must choose wisely on which unit to sacrifice. Moreover, it is also worth noting that Heroes can only inherit certain skills depending on the source and target hero. There are also some special skills that cannot be passed down and units that have been marked as favorite cannot be sacrificed.

The Problem With The New Feature

Despite this seemingly useful mechanic, Polygon reports that some players are actually complaining about this. Seeing as how characters can only inherit skills from units compatible with their ranking. Those who restarted their game early on to get the highest quality heroes now have the overall advantage in PvP arena mode. On the other hand, some players are worried that the meta will now consist of only three or four desired skills.

This also downgrades the diversity factor in the crossover as only a select number of characters can learn the best skills. Because of this, fans are now expecting to see the same units dominating the arena similar to that of the previous Takumi problem. In line with this, some netizens have even noted how most of the units are now useless except for merging.

Only time will tell if Skill Inheritance proves to be a major roadblock in the game. Until then, fans have the chance to test out the said feature and strengthen their units. Those who want to play Fire Emblem Heroes can download it for free on the iOS App Store or Google Play.

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