Bosch Collaborates With Nvidia, Paccar to Build Autonomous Vehicles

Bosch management revealed at its annual Internet of Things conference that it is working with Nvidia to create artificial intelligence (AI) systems that autonomous cars could use to navigate the road without drivers. This revelation was made by Bosch CEO, Volkmar Denner at Bosch Connected World center in Berlin, Germany. The cooperation between Bosch and Nvidia will enable new self-driving cars to utilize Nvidia's deep learning software for autonomous operations.

Nvidia And Bosch: A Powerful Collaboration

Founder and CEO of Nvidia, Jen-Hsun Huang, noted at the conference that his company excels at developing artificial intelligence that is based on deep learning for computers. He added that with the new collaboration with Bosch, his company will supply the DRIVE PX AI computer system which Bosch will use to develop self-driving systems for autonomous cars. To this extent, both companies will be able to achieve a future where self-driving cars are safer to use and accessible to everyone.

Bosch CEO Denner disclosed that his company is set to make cars smarter and more intelligent. And that artificial intelligence is required to achieve this aim so that road travels and commutes could be safer for all. He added that his company will develop the new AI car system with Nvidia's DRIVE PX and Xavier, a car superchip made to make level-4 self-driving possible.

According to the collaborators, Xavier is the only processor chip that is capable of handling the heavy computations that autonomous require to operate on the roads. These computations include analyzing the roads to understand its construction, locating autonomous cars within an HD map, understanding and analyzing the position and prospects of threats on the road, assessing the environment in 3D mode, as well as executing other auto dynamics required for safe driving on busy road networks.

Nvidia's Partnership With Paccar

In a related vein, Nvidia is also partnering with Paccar to develop self-driving trucks that can handle public roads in the face of emerging situations, according to Tom's Hardware. This part of the partnership will be for autonomous semi-tractor trailers and will be based on Nvidia's DRIVE PX 2 processor rather than Xavier. Based on this hybrid technology, self-driving trucks will be able to travel miles upon miles of roads without any driver input; but the driver will be free to take over control once they get closer to their destination. It must be pointed out that Tesla and Uber use this autopilot feature to operate their autonomous vehicles with ease and relative safety.

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