Chris Evans Is Ready To Pass On His Shield After 'Infinity War'

Chris Evans will forever be known as Captain Steve Rogers aka Captain America. Throughout the years, Evans has demonstrated to everyone that being Captain America doesn't only mean wearing the red white and blue fatigues, but also by living and applying the values and essence that Captain America is all about.

How Chris Evans Became Captain America

According to Collider, Chris Evans almost didn't become Captain America because when Marvel attempted to cast Evans for the part, he rejected the offer each time. Mainly he turned down the offer because he is already known to have played a superhero in the form of Fantastic Four's Johnny Storm aka Human Torch, plus the offer to play Captain America required him to fulfill nine movies.

However as time passed, Marvel still persisted and allowed Evans' counter offer that instead of making nine movies, he's only going to do six. As the years have gone by, his contract is nearing its completion with the first Captain America movie released in 2011, the Avengers in 2012, the Winter Soldier in 2014, Age of Ultron in 2015 and Civil War last 2016. So in counting the movies, it would show that Evans' is going to finish his contract by the time Avengers: Infinity War has been released. And in doing so, would inadvertently place the future of the Captain America franchise in uncertainty.

Chris Evans On Finishing His Role As Captain America

In an interview with Esquire, Evans revealed his plans for the future. During his interview with, Evans was in pain due to the heavy training he did the previous day in preparation for the next two Captain America films. However, these two movies would be filmed right about the same time starting in April.

Evans mentioned that he's ready to pass on his shield to the next person to play the role as he's already finished his contract.

However, it's questionable as to why he is preparing for the next two Captain America films when he only needs one more. But maybe, since these movies are filmed at the same time, these may be counted as one.

Evans also explained that these films can be time-consuming, as each would take at least five months to shoot plus a couple of months of training and countless months of promotional leaves. This then would only leave a little time to spare for Evans as he still would like to explore other avenues like directing or starring in other notable projects.

It may seem that Evans is really thinking of putting down the shield and passing it on. However, on a positive note, it may be possible that Marvel would renegotiate Evans' contract to one that's lighter, which would give him the freedom to pursue the projects he is interested in.

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