Hugh Jackman Says He Didn't Want Logan To End The Way It Did

Hugh Jackman is a well renowned actor who has played the iconic role of Logan, also known as, Wolverine in the X-Men Universe for more than a decade and a half. With that said, people assume that Jackman has a say to the fate of his character. Despite his success in playing Logan for years, he does not have the authority to decide what would happen to his character. However, if Jackman would be given the authority to decide regarding this matter, Logan might have ended differently.

How It All Started

In an interview with Yahoo, Hugh Jackman said that aside from the obvious influence of the 1953 movie "Shane" to his movie Logan, there is another Western film that inspired him to think of a rather different approach to the ending of Logan. He revealed that it would be the Western film that won the 1992 Best Picture Award, "Unforgiven", which stars Clint Eastwood. Jackman was inspired by Unforgiven, where the killer has to bear all of the burden of the people he has killed for the rest of his life. As such, this is how he would've wanted Logan to end.

What Happened

According to CinemaBlend, Jackman approached the Logan Co-Writer/ Director, James Mangold, to pitch in his idea. Jackman shared that Logan would possibly die, but they need to be open because if Logan lives, it may create a much bigger impact than dying.

However at that point, Jackman felt some resistance to his idea, as James Mangold was stern with his vision for Logan. He wanted to see the titular character die. After a round of discussions regarding the best idea to end the film, James Mangold's idea won.

Although Jackman lost in the discussions, he was man enough to admit that what he thought was silly. In the end, he was very happy with how Logan turned out and how it concluded. Jackman stated that James Mangold was always certain of Logan's ending, and that he was right. Unlike a normal person, the most emotional thing for someone, who is known to be indestructible, is for him to die while saying the words "This is what it feels like".

There's no telling if Jackman's idea would be better than James Mangold. However viewers can still judge for themselves as they watch the film.

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