2021 BMW i Lineup: Packed With Level 5 Autonomous Abilities

BMW, the self-proclaimed purveyor of the ultimate driving machine, has recently confirmed that it will soon roll out an as of yet unnamed, all-electric flagship i Model which is a self-driving machine by the year 2021. The company reveals that the first series-produced Bimmer will have level 5 autonomous abilities that have been set to make its global debut a short year into the next decade. That said, the BMW Group continued its successful course during its 101st year, reporting its best ever figures to date for sales volume, revenues and earnings, while also claiming that 2016 has been the first step in the NEXT 100 YEARS of the BMW Group.

2021 BMW i Lineup

In one of his statements reported by Car Scoops, Elmar Frickenstein, the BMW senior vice president for autonomous driving said that that the vehicle will have the ability to change between level 3, 4 and 5 self-driving. He further explains that the company is already on its way to deliver a car in 2021 with Level 3, 4 and 5. Additionally, it was found that in the middle of last year, BMW has also announced that it would work alongside Intel and Mobileye to deliver its first fully-autonomous vehicle.

As of press time, Digital Trends reported that BMW engineers are already on the process of developing tech that corresponds to levels three, four, and five. The company reveals that their first full self-driving car will be inspired by the 23rd-century-esque Vision Next 100 concept that has been introduced last year, which primarily suggests that it will be a standalone model rather than a teched-up version of an existing car. The said technology is set to gradually trickle down to smaller, more affordable cars, but it'll take a while.

A Leap To Level 5 Autonomy

In its theoretical concept, the company said that the driver can nap, work, or read a book while the car drives itself, which, in turn, is said to give the designers more freedom to explore new ideas as they draw the cabin. For instance, a car having a level five autonomy makes the futuristic retractable steering wheel relentlessly showcased on countless concept cars to turn into reality. Ultimately, a significant number of car experts believe that BMW's self-driving machine is going to emerge as one of the most futuristic cars on the road.


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