'Black Sails' Season 4 Episode 8: What To Expect? More Deaths Projected

The hit pirate TV series of Starz, "Black Sails", will soon air episode 8 for its season 4. With this, the preview of the upcoming episode shows Long John Silver, Flint, Governer Rogers and Rackham to be heading in the same direction.

However, the characters have their own respective reasons for their journey. Meanwhile, Flint suggests that it is wise to have a backup plan. This is to ensure the success of their mission and to prevent any unnecessary distractions.

The Issue With The Treasure

This was when they were asked to return the remaining treasure which they have taken from the Urca. But the plan didn't really go as planned. This is because of the many interruptions and unforeseen events that transpired as the mission went on.

It is also safe to expect that Billy and Woodes Rogers will not have a good time together. According to IB Times, the governor would most probably have an issue with Hopper's character as they have different ideologies and beliefs, knowing that Rogers is really against pirates.

Killing Flint

But then again, the brutal death of Eleanor might be haunting him so bad, that he might have a problem with his sanity. According to Christian Post, Rackham (Toby Schmitz), will be tasked to kill Flint, in turn sparking more deaths to those who go against the planned murder.

If ever he succeeds in killing him, the war against the British would end. This would also mean that peace will finally be upon Nassau. However, a lot of lives would be sacrificed for the place to achieve peace. Whichever the case is, they need to have it.

There are only a few episodes left before "Black Sails" reaches the grand finale of the series. Surely, things will get more interesting and surprising in the next episodes.

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