Here's Why Players Are So Furious With Ark: Survival Evolved Patch V255

There's a lot of things to love about Ark: Survival Evolved. From its gameplay down to the simplest in-game item it offers, this title is indeed shaping to be a massive franchise. However, between those lines, one can't help but be frustrated about it and this is exactly the case of the new patch. That instead of making the game even more interesting, it only made things worse, so to speak.

According to VG247, the developers at Studio Wildcard have just released the newest update for the titular title. It is basically more of a major content update, intended for the players of both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The coolest thing about this, though, is that it's for free. No money is involved.

In its most organic form, the aforementioned Ark: Survival Evolved patch is all about adding the TEK Tier Technology. This already includes a complete set of TEK bases and structures (e.g. autodoors, forcefield, etc.) Moreover, there are brand new creatures as well as an addition to hairstyle and beard option. If one is to look closely, this patch is definitely a steal. However, it seems like it's the other way around.

Any Button Gaming reports that patch v255 comes with various bugs on Ark: Survival Evolved, which, take note, aren't just the small, typical ones. They are deemed to be larger and quite complicated. Apparently though, these issues have been addressed by Studio Wildcard via its Lead Community Manager and Associate Producer at the video game company named Jat.

Jat posted via Twitter a transcript of sort, referring the bugs discovered in the new Ark: Survival Evolved. He mentioned about their plans to go over it and "get a patch" designed specifically for it as soon as possible. Among the certain issues they are aware of involve servers not listing in the Servers on Cluster Session list. This also includes the option to invite or join a Password Protected Player Dedi Servers. Unfortunately, this one here fails to be processed.

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