BBC's John Inverdale Scrutinized After Sexist Comment On Kate Middleton

BBC Presenter John Inverdale is in a whole new mix of trouble as he just sparked some fresh accusations of sexism over the comments that he made about Kate Middleton's knowledge of rugby union. In his recent comments, the commentator has appeared to have suggested that the sports-loving Duchess of Cambridge might not completely understand the laws of the game, as she and her husband, Prince William, watched the intense Six Nations match between England and Wales.

Inverdale Accused of Sexism [AGAIN]

According to Independent UK, as the camera panned over the Duke and Duchess, Inverdale remarked that he doesn't know exactly how knowledgeable with the rules Kate Middleton is, then went on to saying that he assumes that "she must have been struggling a bit for the past 20 minutes." His comments have immediately sparked a Twitter reaction, although the BBC has later insisted that Inverdale was only talking more generally about the confusing last few minutes of the match.

The match featured a surprising 20 minutes of overtime that saw England snatching the victory from the jaws of defeat. The BBC also added that Inverdale said that Kate "wasn't alone" if she was ever confused.

People Reacts Via Twitter

But some viewers had already made up their minds and had accused him of shameful sexism. Others have tweeted the BBC directly to complain about the matter, with one asking: "@BBCSport for how much longer are you going to pay John Inverdale to spout his misogynistic bullshit? #licencefeewasted".

Inverdale's History Of Criticism And Being Criticized

According to Express UK, John Inverdale was already famously criticized over remarks he made about French tennis champion Marion Bartoli, whose 2013 Wimbledon victory prompted him to say that he was wondering if Bartoli's dad said to her when she was young that she will never be great and she will never be a "somebody," which is why she needs to compensate for that. Inverdale has yet to comment on the recent allegations thrown at him.

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