‘Venom' Movie: The Alter Ego Of A Superhero

One of the baddest villains in comic book history was reported to have its own movie. Venom is widely renowned as a super villain but more importantly and anti-hero. There is a reason why Spider-Man hates to fight Venom and right now, Venom looks to outperform Spidey in the cinemas.

‘Venom’ Movie Release Date

There are certain dynamics on how to be considered as the meanest and ruthless villain in the comic books. Unfortunately, Venom has them both. Although Venom was introduced over 30 years ago, there are still a lot of people confused on who and what Venom really is. As time progress, Marvel was able to depict the real identity of Venom on their magazines and hopefully, they will do the same in the movie. Right now, Sony’s target date for the movie released is in October 2018.

'Venom’s' Origin

According to a respected magazine, the casting hasn't started yet but Sony already has a lengthy list of actors who can play the role of Venom. The symbiote's specific origin is not yet determined. Marvel states that there are various symbiotes from outer space and one of them is Venom. Probably the most accepted theory is, Venom is the alter ego of Spider-Man, which is technically correct. However, for those who followed Venom in the comic world, he has deeper roots than expected.

Venom is actually a symbiote (gooey creature) from outer space who has an uncanny ability and limitless power. The symbiote was imprisoned in a special container but Spider-Man accidentally activated it which causing the symbiote to fuse with Spider-Man. Reed Richards also known as Mr. Fantastic warned Spider-Man about the suit. Soon enough when Spider-Man was in a bell tower, the real Venom came out.

In search of another body, Venom was able to find Eddie Brock who has cancer. Venom took the opportunity to merge with Eddie Brock and noticed the gift that the Symbiote has. Venom went on to terrorize the city and even Spider-Man was no match against him. If Sony will introduce Venom like in the comic books, the movie will be a sure box-office hit.

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