The Battle Of EVs: Volvo's 2019 EV Versus Tesla's Model 3, Which Has The Upper Hand?

Long before, Volvo, has been regarded as a company that has long been producing a number of hybrid vehicles. Recently, the Swedish automaker has revealed its plans of launching its yet unnamed Volvo EV by 2019 which happens to be a full-electric vehicle and the company claims that it might just rain on Tesla Model 3 which could allegedly stir the market in the realms of pricing and, most importantly, in terms of range. That said, the company has also confirmed its first all-electric car would be able to go at least 250 miles on a full charge.

Volvo's 2019 EV

In one of his statements reported by Auto World News, at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, Lex Kerssemakers Volvo Car USA CEO said that the company plans on bringing the full EV to US soil for an aggressive base price of $35,000 to $40,000 with at least 250 miles of range. Kerssemakers explains that Volvo's new platforms would be the key to a rapid development timescale which would allegedly put the vehicle at the lower end of the Swedish company's price range, whether or not it is being battery-powered. However, despite the fact that Volvo's introduction to their own version of EV with a higher range and lower price could potentially stir competition, considering that the company's CEO didn't offer hints, the catch right now is that the Swedish company has not officially confirmed which vehicle segment it plans to release the EV.

According to Slash Gear, Volvo's Kerssemakers would not be drawn on whether the all-electric car will be a version of an existing vehicle or an entirely new model. It was found that in addition to gas, diesel, and plug-in hybrids, the company has previously confirmed that it would count EVs among its Series 40 refresh, but has also warned that though the CMA platform was designed with all-electric drivetrains in mind from the outset, a car that's using such technology probably wouldn't arrive until 2019. Meanwhile, Tesla Model 3 is expected to launch this year promising a range of 215 miles saying that it combines real-world performance, spaciousness, and safety.

Volvo's 2019 EV Versus Tesla's Model 3

With Tesla's Model 3 being one of the highly-anticipated vehicles of the year, Model 3 is reportedly the first cheap car to be launched by Tesla which is being vied to Volvo's EV. It was found that if the upcoming Volvo EV adds to the picture, this will be an even more exciting market for Tesla Model 3 among other EVs already in the market.Ultimately, whatever the Volvo EV ends up being called, enthusiasts have already speculated that it'll have a starting price between $35k and $40k, before any tax credits or subsidies.


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