League Of Legends: Character Designer Shares Thoughts On Including An LGBT Champion

The League of Legends character designer recently opened up about including an LGBT character to the game. In line with this, he has no plans of forcing a character and prefers to include he/she much more organically.

League Of Legends To Introduce An LGBT Character Soon

According to J Station X, lead designer Greg Street recently attended GDC 2017 and discussed several topics about the game. There, he also promised that the team at Riot Games will be introducing an LGBT character in the future. Keep in mind that this would be one of the more popular online games to feature a possibly gay character as Overwatch's Tracer was confirmed as a lesbian.

Similarly, Street claimed that the team owes it to the player and the world to bring in LGBT characters in the MOBA. However, he claimed that he does not want to force this, as it will just happen at one point in the future. Moreover, the lead designer added that they have to be careful when introducing these certain types of characters as some countries have strict laws against it. Because of this, he does not want to indirectly hurt fans who are playing from these certain areas.

Overcoming Certain Laws In Specific Countries

In light of this, he claimed that one way they could get around these restrictions is by having some kind of narrative outside of the main game. While Street has yet to share what other types of platforms he plans to use, other video games often use comics or cinematic shorts as an alternative for storytelling, as per GameZone. Similarly, Blizzard was still able to keep Overwatch playable in Russia by releasing a comic that confirmed Tracer's sexuality.

This is, no doubt, a good news for LGBT players in the gaming community as they have been requesting for a queer character since 2009. For now, fans will have to wait for further news regarding this upcoming personality. Fans can play League of Legends for free on PC.

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